R.I.P Chuckwagon

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Post by Kijek » Thu May 17, 2018 15:16

I don't remember CW, sad to say, sounds like a great man, and may he rest in peace.
It really brings home the face that this forum is not just a place for information, it's like a home away from home for most of us, at least that's the way I am beginning to feel.

I the days, weeks, months and years pass, we start to understand each family member, we learn their likes and dislikes, we see our differences, and respect them.
We jump at the moment to help a close family member, and expect nothing but a thanks.

This forum is quite different from others I've seen, our bonds are far stretched over countless miles, yet it feels like your sitting here with me, thank you for that.

There is much goodness to say about being a member here, so I'll leave it at that.

Even though I never really knew a good man like CW, his passing feels heavy on my heart as I know how much you all enjoyed his presence, he was a great family member, one to remember.

Home sweet home!
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Post by eightysixCJ » Fri May 18, 2018 20:04

Very sorry to hear. I learned a lot from him via this site. My condolences to Barry's family and friends.

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Post by oneills » Mon Jun 04, 2018 11:41

RIP Chuckwagon
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R.I.P Chuckwagon

Post by smik1 » Sun Jan 20, 2019 18:39

Hi folks!

Been a long, long time
I laughed at a lot of Chuckwagon's posts. I found many dead-serious. He was like a certain
spice peculiar to a recipe and you know immediately when that spice is missing!
It didn't take much reading of his posts for me to develop a "picture" of him- and my picture was a lot like the cowboy character used by Stuart Anderson in his old Black Angus Restaurant commercials on TV way back when. In particular, where the cowboy is out by his campfire late in the evening, of course talking about steak; toward the end he comments about how warm it is late at night out on the range, and bright, too, as the camera zooms out to see his chuckwagon engulfed in flames! Of course the cowboy was un-perturbed!
I have managed to make one homemade sausage, and that being twice, from one of the recipes he posted. Being a green-stick beginner, I was amazed to find out that my substitution of venison for pork in his "Saddle Bum's Smoky Beef Stick" (which caught my eye in it's obvious reference to a well-known commercial product!) turned out better than what is offered in malls nowadays; perhaps his home sausage making had taken him off the list of folks dependent on stores for their sausage fix; this recipe, that I followed carefully, turned out a summer sausage SUPERIOR to the products found there today, in all ways; no voids, no fat rendered, perfect for slicing clean-picture perfect, and the taste was SPOT ON.
After reading of so many fails I realized the importance of sticking to the recipes given, mainly in the amounts of each ingredient, and the process steps to follow. I couldn't afford a decent sausage stuffer with steel gears, but finally found a sale and got a 7-lb capacity one anyway. My smoker is a Char Griller with the offset smokebox. The sausages were tied off and hung inside, with all the grates removed. We used a retired bread baking pan to load with hickory smoking pellets and cold smoked early on a January morning.

The product was consumed in "massacre" form: that is, it ended up being eaten so fast that no thought was considered in even taking pictures. I tried one month later, and the recipe turned out perfect once more, with identical results.

For beginners on this forum: Chuckwagon knew what he was talking about, though he tried hard to fool folks into believing otherwise. if you have the nerve and the equipment, this recipe may be good for you.

Well, it's been a couple years since I made the summer sausage. Time have been hard for us- but I still have all my equipment and cure- just need casings and meat and we can go again! The success of your first try as sausage making goes a long way toward your next time-even if that has been a stretch!


Stan (smik1)
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