Pre-tubed casings, good price?

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Post by Darwin » Tue Sep 23, 2014 01:38

Tasso wrote:There are plenty of Sprouts around here too. I didn't know the made sausage. I have been there once or twice, and it seems like a nice store.

It's probably worthwhile to ask at any grocery or meat shop in your area that makes sausage if they'll sell you some casings. I bet most will.
They make the fresh sausages in each store as needed. The spices are prepackaged for a 5# batch for quality control. The pork is not bad, on the mild side for me but most folks like them.
The Andouille is not even close to being authentic. The staff at the store near me are very friendly and helpful, they will even grind pork if requested.
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Post by Tasso » Tue Sep 23, 2014 04:11

Having been raised in Baton Rouge, I ate a lot of andouille when I was growing up, and I love it. I always bring back plenty whenever I go back home. I can't really cook red beans or make gumbo or jambalaya without it, and I like it in a po boy too.

Making a soul-satisfying andouille is my most cherished sausage-making goal. I just want to be able to get the basics of sausage-making down really good before I try it. I plan to use that recipe on the Nola Cuisine blog as a general guideline, but I'll jack up the cayenne a little, and maybe the garlic too.

I must say that none of the andouille sausage I've tried that is made in the butcher shops and grocery store meat counters here in Dallas very closely resembles the andouille I know. Most stores sell it as an unsmoked fresh sausage, which is just not right. That's not to say that it's bad, just that it's not andouille.
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