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Posted: Tue Aug 25, 2015 14:16
by Aaron
Hi Guys
I haven't posted here for some time as I have had summer to contend with!
Over the last few weeks I have had a few successes with Panchetta and Breseola etc and of course lots of yummy bacon but until now I had not attempted a true Salami.
I finally decided to give it a go and for the past two weeks I have had my very own Salami hanging in my lounge.....They all appear to have spots of white mold so already through the fermentation stage...Now drying nicely...I had a scare a week ago when we had a heat wave so I got them in the fridge overnight and rehung them when temperatures were better...I now have a reading of around 75RH and on average 15c...
Trying to upload a photo but failed miserably!!

Posted: Tue Aug 25, 2015 17:41
by redzed
Hey Aaron welcome back! Great to hear that you are still honing your charcuterie skills! :grin: What salami did you make and did you use starter and surface cultures? And pictures would be great. Just upload to Photobucket and then copy the IMG link and then paste it here. Good idea to create a seperate album to host pictures that you share on forums. That way you will be less likely to delete them or move them around. And a word of caution, if you do delete or move a photo in Photobucket which you linked to a forum, the photo will also disappear from the forum.

If you still have problems in uploading the pics give us a shout and we will come to the rescue!