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[USA] "Longrider's Latigo"

Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2012 12:39
by Chuckwagon
"Longrider's Latigo"
Spanish Fuet (fermented)

The Spanish (Catalonia) word for whip is "fuete" or "latigo". In Spain, a favorite paprika-reddened, garlicky, fully dry-cured sausage is called fuet. In many places, fuet sausage has a tendency to be very robust, especially with garlic, and some folks have added a whopping 9 cloves of garlic to ten pounds of meat and fat. This version of Spanish fuet is much less full-bodied.

7.5 lbs. lean pork
2.5 lbs. back fat
2 tspns. Cure #2
6 tblspns. salt (not iodized)
2-1/4 tspns. powdered dextrose
2-1/4 tspns. coarse-ground black pepper
2 tblspns. paprika
3 tspns. granulated garlic
--- water
0.55 g. Bactoferm™ T-SPX culture
--- Bactoferm™ Mold-600 culture
61 m.m. (2-3/8") synthetic, protein-lined casing or large hog or beef middles.

Prepare the T-SPX and the Mold-600 and have them both ready. Dice the backfat by hand into desired size, and then freeze it. Cut the lean pork into 1" dice and refrigerate it. Combine the Cure #2, salt, dextrose, pepper, paprika, and garlic, in a mixing bowl with enough water to produce a soupy mixture when blended. Pour the mixture over the meat and then toss the diced meat to coat the pieces. Place the meat into a non reactive container, cover it, and refrigerate it overnight. About twenty minutes before grinding the meat, place it into the freezer along with the plate, grinder knife, and the grinder`s throat housing. Grind the pork through a 3/16" plate and into a bowl set in another bowl of ice. Mix the ground meat until a sticky mass if formed. Next, fold in the diced back fat and distribute it throughout the mixture. Finally, add the T-SPX culture and mix the sausage a minute longer. When pulled apart, the sausage should show sticky "peaks".

Stuff the sausage into 61 mm. (2-3/8") synthetic protein-lined fibrous casings or large hog or beef middles. Spray the links with the Bactoferm™ Mold-600 solution and place them into a fermentation chamber at 68°F. (20°C.) in 90% relative humidity reduced to 85% after three days. Air-dry the sausage in a dry-room at 55°F. (13°C.) in 80% humidity until the Aw of <.85 is achieve in about six weeks. Following the loss of 35% moisture, store the sausages at 55°F. (13°C.) in 75% humidity.

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Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2012 14:49
by el Ducko
Oh boy! If I had the fermentation chamber equipment, I'd make this one in a New York minute. (Catalonian minutes are way too long to wait.) This looks GREAT! :!:

Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2012 22:07
by Chuckwagon
Duckster... the trick is getting Uwanna to make a batch - then beg, borrow, or steal! :smile: Are you going to build a fermentation chamber Ducko?

Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2012 00:54
by uwanna61
a whopping 9 cloves of garlic to ten pounds of meat and fat.
Wow I`m perspiring just thinking about all that garlic! :razz:
The paprika, pepper and garlic has my attention! I just might give this a test run. Thanks..