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Cure time

Posted: Sat May 11, 2019 15:38
by mski2
I have 11# of pork cubes curing for Hot smoked polish and kabanosy , something came up and I cannot grind stuff smoke till Tuesday, will be 7 days curing, both recipes call for 72 hours.
Anyone tried week long cure ?

Re: Cure time

Posted: Sat May 11, 2019 18:17
by redzed
Numerous Polish language recipes call for a 4-7 day cure with nitrite salt. Some producers also claim to cure their sausage meat for 7 days. Much of that probably is based on tradition where potassium nitrate was used and a longer period of cure time was necessary to allow the nitrate to convert to nitrite. In Poland a 48-72 hour cure time is standard today, even with the use of nitrite which reacts with the myoglobin almost immediately. A longer cure, in the opinion of experienced sausage makers does result in a more flavourful product and with less residual nitrite in the finished sausage. Leaving the sausage to cure for 7 days should be fine. Just make sure you have adequate salt in there and the salt and cure are well distributed in the cubed meat. Pack the cubes tightly, cover with cellophane, preferably in a covered container and keep at at a temp of 2 -5C.

Re: Cure time

Posted: Sat May 11, 2019 19:25
by mski2
Thanks redzed , I got 2% salt ,more than I usually do so Ill give it a try.
Ever since I started using the 2 to 4 day cure before grinding my sausage the quality improved 10X.
The kabanosy I now make is from a post of yours a few years back , thanks its great.
Ill post back with the outcome, who knows could be better.