[USA] Classic Italian sauage

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[USA] Classic Italian sauage

Post by H_Nutczak » Tue Feb 15, 2011 22:50

I have been craving Spaghetti with Italian sausage patties since I woke up this morning (late morning actually since the restaurant is closed today)
So I went in to the restaurant, and threw together a 7# batch of sausage without following any recipe. I did it from scratch but measured my ingredients to be able to duplicate it if I really liked it. That is exactly what happened. I love it

I will list my batch ratios, please feel free to scale it to your needs, I simply had 7 pounds of ground pork to work with, so this is what I came up with

7 pounds ground pork
2 Tablespoons kosher salt
1-1/4 teaspoons granulated garlic
1 tablespoon coarse ground black pepper
2-1/2 teaspoons ground paprika
1 Tablespoon anise seed, ground
2 Tablespoon fennel seed ground coarse
2 teaspoons red pepper flakes

Grind fat first through coarse disk, (1/4") set aside in fridge, grind meat through same disk, add seasoning mix to meat, mix until sticky, fold in fat to distribute it well mix well, fry a test patty and adjust seasonings to fit your tastes.

I like to grill sausage patties for eating them with spaghetti, ans it adds another dimension to the flavor.
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Post by CrankyBuzzard » Thu Feb 17, 2011 04:28


Sounds like a good recipe, and a PERFECT addition to some homemade spaghetti as well. Might not be too bad on a pizza or in a calzone either!

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