[USA] Scottish Beef Sausage

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[USA] Scottish Beef Sausage

Post by vagreys » Thu Feb 02, 2012 07:08

twist wrote:...I'm trying to create an all beef sausage using rusk, how should i go about this? can not use pork. Is there something like a cross between a frankfurter and a sausage ( i would like to use this sausage as a hot dog). I also don't want to have to smoke it.
Here is a formula, originally from a Devro Sausage & Seasoning booklet for producers, printed years ago.

Scottish Beef Sausage

37.0% Lean Beef
15.0% Beef Fat
13.0% Rusk
24.0% Chilled Water
8.5% Crushed Ice
2.5% Spice Mix

Spice Mix

72.0% Salt
16.0% White Pepper
5.0% Ground Nutmeg
3.0% Ground Ginger
3.0% Ground Mace
1.0% Cayenne Pepper

This was originally designed to go through a bowl chopper, but you can adapt for home use. Cube the meat and fat. Run it through a 3/8" or 1/2" plate as a primary grind. Add the spices, rusk and chilled water, and mix. Chill. Run it through a 3/16" plate. Add the crushed ice and mix to incorporate the water as the ice melts. Run it through a 1/8" plate. If the texture is still too course, then run it through again. Stuff. This will make a good alternative to a hot dog without doing a true emulsion, and it will have a very tender texture.
Finally why does instacure need to be used and what is the shelf life of a prepared sausage in a domestic fridge if not cured?...
Cure #1 or Instacure #1 doesn't have to be used in a fresh sausage, unless you want a nice pink color or you need to extend the shelf life beyond 3 days or so. Then, you should use it to inhibit bacteria. A good rule of thumb is to use fresh sausage within 3 days of making, keeping it refrigerated during that time. After 3 days, you should package and freeze what hasn't been used. JMO, of course. YMMV.
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Post by Chuckwagon » Thu Feb 02, 2012 07:18

Outstanding Tom, Thanks for sharing!

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