Pork Tongue and Snouts

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Post by Rick » Mon Sep 29, 2014 10:24

Jeff, In regards to a split 24# head, that does take a pretty tall kettle of water. What I found was that with the lid on the kettle, the water heated up faster and I didn't have to add water to the kettle on a regular basis due to evaporation.
After simmering the head for a few hours as well as the tongues and snouts, I finally strained out about 6 qts. of liquid which went into the fridge. The results the next day did show a semi solid gel due to a higher water content from leaving the lid on. There was also lard on the top which I took off with a spoon.

What I did then was divide the liquid up and pour it into my electric skillet set for 200. With the lid off, this allowed for the water to evaporate off and after about 1 1/2 hours I poured that into a container, and started with the next batch of liquid. When all done, I had reduced my liquid around 1/3. This morning on checking the liquid, I found that it set up nicely, good and stiff. So I'd say that you will have to reduce the water out somewhat after a night in the fridge, and once you make your assessment as to its stiffness.
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Post by Cabonaia » Tue Sep 30, 2014 04:35

Rick - that makes sense. I think that sometimes in the past I have not paid enough attention to boiling down the stock until it reached a good consistency when jelled.

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