Make some blood sausage!

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Make some blood sausage!

Post by redzed » Fri Oct 23, 2015 21:22

Last week I visited a country abattoir and inquired about getting some blood for kaszanka. The owner informed me that all I had to do was phone ahead and he will save me some fresh blood, and that he almost always has some frozen on hand. So that solves my blood problem!

Then today I came across an interesting and inspirational article on the subject of making blood sausage at home: ... e-at-home/

Nothing to be squeamish about! It's nutritional, tasty, economical and fun to make!
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Post by DiggingDogFarm » Sat Oct 24, 2015 00:14

It's great stuff!
I love it!
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Post by Cabonaia » Sat Oct 24, 2015 01:46

Thanks for sharing the link. I like that recipe. Now you went and got me started! I love morcella and have made it several times. I made some a couple months ago, and have a few tips and observations.

- It is very easy to make, but when it comes to filling the casings, it's nice to have help from a very special friend who doesn't mind. Messy.
- Take the advice of under-filling the casings quite seriously. They expand a lot when you poach them. Believe me.
- Larger casings (42mm) are nice, as is cold smoke after poaching (in which case use cure #1)
- Coarsely ground fat gives a nice interior garnish.
- The sausages are good hot or cold.
- If you have organ meats around, now is a good time to use them. I've tossed in lungs, heart, liver, tongue, spleen, kidney, stomach, and some stuff I didn't even recognize! :shock:

The blood I used recently came from a pig I butchered back in Nov. 2014, so it had been in the freezer a long time. I was a little nervous about the quality, but it was quite good. The freezer stays at -20F; I'm sure that helped.
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