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Well, not really a new topic............

Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2016 03:22
by sausagemaneric
This is the third brisket I've done with the full 24 hrs of 250 degrees including 6 hrs of wrapped time. Then out of the BBQ and wrapped tight in towels to rest. And it's the third time it came out amazing. Very happy with the "Aaron Franklin" method of no looking. I feel I have conquered the brisket! Now if I could only conquer Photo Bucket!

Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2016 14:56
by Butterbean
To consistently cook good beef brisket is quite the feat. IMO, it is the hardest meat I've ever learned to cook and it is very unforgiving.

I think photobucket is down right now but once you have a photo in photobucket you can go to the photo and click it. To the right there will appear boxes. You want to move your cursor to the one that says IMG and click it. It should highlight in yellow and say image address "copied". Once copied you come back to this site and put the cursor in your post and right click and then press paste and the link will show up here and the picture will post. If that doesn't work for you when you come here press the Img button above your post box and a small box will come up then you place the cursor here and right click and enter and it will place it in your post. This is from memory and I was going to double check it but photobucket is down at the moment.

Here is some I smoked a while back and thought was pretty good. What I found is a good compliment to the brisket is the Dead Man's Sauce which is posted somewhere on the board. I think it was one of Chuckwagon's recipes but I'm not sure. It really is good drizzled over the sliced brisket.