venison ham, sausage, jerky, etc

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Post by OleBull » Sat Dec 03, 2011 15:57

I now have to be very careful what I say, so no comment.

Du är allt blåögd du.
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Post by ssorllih » Sat Dec 03, 2011 18:28

I am quite certain that if you post a recipe or proceedure or method without comment concerning its superior qualities versus another recipe, method or proceedure there would be no adverse reaction amoung the members of the forum.
My late mother in law used to ask in the most condesending manner ,"how could you do such a thing? " My answer was, "It was easy! I just made a dicision and it seems that it wasn't the best dicision but nothing got broke and nobody got hurt.
mother in law always felt that if something went wrong then someone should pay.
Just put your ideas out here and if we like them we will use them or at least talk about them. If by chance we don't like them we will probably just ignore them. But they are your ideas and therefore they a valid. As long as you allow that everyone else is just as able as yourself to express an idea and for that reason you regard it as you would your own we will get along fine here.
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