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Posted: Sun Nov 23, 2014 13:29
by Janlab
Wellcome back Igor!

Posted: Fri Nov 28, 2014 04:29
by Doc Barrington
Hi Jan and Igor,
yes Jan if I remember correctly Vic did work for his Father in Law then took over the dealership and brought their Son in as Parts Manager grooming him to take the reigns. I really liked Vic not sure if he is still around he must be getting on. He was a lovable rogue that loved a funny story a cold beer and fishing for Cod, he always made me feel welcome even when I was auditing their Stock and collecting large amounts of money. He was a very kind man who had time for the less fortunate, there was a younger man I think his nick name was Serko who was always around the Car Yard and got involved in everything Mr. Vic as Serko called him did. Serko had learning disabilities but for Vic that was not a problem, he was welcom to spend all day wandering around the whole place giving his opinion and going out with Vic on RACV breakdowns. It was nice to see such a bond and I also became very close to Serko over many years and he would call me Mr. Barry always with a big smile.
Hi Igor,
I did ferment the Cacciatore I recently made with the Yogurt added at around 24c - 26c and 75% - 80% humidity on racks for 48 hours in my spare bed room so who knows what happened as I don't have a PH tester yet but one is on the way. The sour taste I mentioned is not an unpleasant taste I might be describing it incorrectly, it is what I would expect from any well made Salami.
I have been asking around but the people who I have found selling Nam (Thai Pork Fermented Sausage) they usually only speak Thai and not much help but I did get from them they use Dinprasiw in Thai, English Potassium Nitrate (Saltpeter)

The commercial powder additive I found for making Fermented Pork Sausage (Nam) has, Dextrose 38%, Lactose 26%, Salt 20%, MSG 4%, Glucono Delta Lactone 2%, Sodium Nitrite 0.13% this is added to a total of 750g (1lb 11oz ) of Pork mince and sliced Pork Rind then put in Plastic bags and fermented for minimum of 24 hours at room temp. the Note at the bottom of the ingredients of the packet says,"included with the salt in this packet is Sodium Nitrate no need to use Potassium Nitrate (Saltpeter) when using this product". I have made this on many occasions and it turns out like the commercially produced sausage available everywhere in Thailand and quarter of the price.

A new yogurt was found yesterday it has live strains including L Rhamnosus and 11 other live strains. I have contacted the manufacturer who is very near to where I live and have asked if they can give me a rough idea od the count of L Rhamnosus in a small tub or if they can supply me with a small amount of the culture