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Sopprassata ! with Venison or Beef

Posted: Tue Dec 29, 2015 18:40
by Bob K
The Recipe:

Beef or Venison 15%
Pork Butt 65% ( I used Class 1 and 2 for this batch with butt and loin) ... on/classes
Back Fat 20%

Total Meat 100%

Ingredients based on total meat

Salt............................. 2.5%
Cure #2......................... .25%
Dextrose........................ .3%
Sugar........................... .3%
Black Pepper................. .2%
Red Pepper Flakes......... .15%
Cayenne pepper.............. .15%
White Pepper................. .2%
Garlic Powder................ .15%
Cumin (ground)................ .15%
Sodium Erthorbate............. .05%

Culture - T-SPX + F-LC

I used 4 grams TSPX and 1 gram F-LC for a 10lb batch
Just use 5 grams T-SPX

Grind red meat through 3/16 plate and pork +fat through 3/8 plate

Venison plus some of the fat


I then combined the pork plus back fat adding the spices, cure, and culture, mix together and grind.


Mix the venison plus pork


...and into the mixer


Mix until sticky
Note: 10lbs is about the minimum for the small 20 lb mixer, less that that mix by hand


Stuffed into Beef middles. The skinny one is supposed to be a 55-60 from TSM...the whole hank was only 50. The rest are 60-65mm from B&P.


A great way to clean out the stuffing tube...clear piece of tape over the next size smaller

Netting applied


and into the fermenting chamber at 70f


After 24 hrs they were sprayed with mold. I use 1/4 teaspoon mold 600 to 1/4 cup water in a sprayer, let sit for a few hours and spray sausage.

The starting Ph was a kind of high at 5.95 after 48 hrs it had dropped to only 5.7, so I upped the temp to 71f. At 72 hrs Ph was 5.4. Upped the temp to 72f. at 96 hrs.. Viola ...5.0. Have no idea for the long lag time , but it happens.

Note:In going back over my notes fort his recipe it has always had a slow Ph drop and that is part of the reason I added the F-LC. Today I came across this from Marianski: Throughout history, spices were known to possess antibacterial properties and cinnamon, cumin, and thyme were used in the mummification of bodies in ancient Egypt. The next time I will omit the Cumin and see what happens.


By now the mold has really gotten going


And into the chamber for the long wait...


Posted: Tue Dec 29, 2015 22:55
by Butterbean
Fantastic thread. I really need to get in gear and copy this. Looks terrific. I may have been too generous at the start of the season because I gave all my deer away thinking I'd keep the supply chain moving but I lost interest with the hot weather. They say its going to cool down this weekend so maybe this will motivate me to get back in the woods.

Posted: Thu Dec 31, 2015 18:09
by redzed
Interesting process Bob. That sure was a high starting pH. Venison apparently runs between 5.8 and 6.2, so that may have been the reason. I still have a bit left in the freezer and will test next time I use it. And what was the reason for using a mix of two starter cultures? Maybe the interaction of the two also had something to do with the sluggish pH drop?

The salame looks good. Are you using #12 netting?

Posted: Thu Dec 31, 2015 19:41
by Bob K
redzed wrote:And what was the reason for using a mix of two starter cultures? Maybe the interaction of the two also had something to do with the sluggish pH drop?

I have used the combo in 4 or 5 batches now and all dropped below 5.3 in 36-48 hours. So the combo is not the reason. My original thoughts were listeria protection, and you could also raise the temp for a faster Ph drop if things got too sluggish (P. Acidilactici) .

As far as the netting that's #10 from B&P

Posted: Thu Jun 09, 2016 22:20
by Bob K
......and 6 months later.
I just took the last chub from the chamber. Not overdried at all, perfect texture, and a much more intense taste than the rest I had pulled after 90 days. I will definitely be doing the longer aging more often! :mrgreen:

You can see how the oils soaked into the mold..when I cut into it lots of "tears"

Posted: Fri Jun 10, 2016 16:28
by redzed
Man, that looks perfect Bob! I think that if I left it in my chamber for six months you coould club fish with it! Your chamber is performing very well!

Posted: Fri Jun 10, 2016 19:38
by Butterbean
That does look perfect. I like the color a lot