Corn Syrup Solids?

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Post by redzed » Tue Nov 25, 2014 03:27

Igor Duńczyk wrote:Hi Chef James,

I am more than just a bit curious to hear if the declaration of your corn syrop solids states anything about its DE (Dextrose Equivalence) so you would know how it compares to Dextrose in terms of sweetness. One reason why I find this interesting is because Devo in his posting from the 9th November writes:
"CORN SYRUP / CORN SYRUP SOLIDS - Only about 40-50% as sweet as cane sugar"
While I don´t know if this may be a norm with US producers of Corn Syrop Solids it certainly is a good deal sweeter than what what I have previously regarded as common for Maltodextrin (-just another word for the same thing). So if it´s really up there then be careful with the dosage level.
Hi Igor, your input here is very much appreciated by all of us dilettantes. :lol: Nice to have a pro on board! Below is the description of the corn syrup solids that I buy. And it is a problem because they only give you a range of the DE, and there is quite a variation. In the end, if we use it we really don't know how much sugar we may be putting into the sausage. :shock:

A corn sweetener containing maltose, dextrin, dextrose and other polysaccharides. It is obtained from the complete hydrolysis of cornstarch. Corn syrup solids combine with water to lock water into the ingredient. This reduces water activity, which in turn is a bacterial protection. Offers less browning than dextrose. Measure of sweetness is compared to that of sucrose syrup and is expressed as the dextrose equivalent (DE). Corn syrup is less sweet than sucrose with DE ranges of 20 -48.
Igor Duńczyk
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Post by Igor Duńczyk » Thu Nov 27, 2014 01:01

Thanks Chris for giving another proof that things are not always as black or white as one has sometimes thought. I must admit that I was a bit off track in believing that the term "Corn Syrop Solids" was analogue with the technical designation "Maltodextrin". But in fact Corn Syrop Solids is "one step above" Maltodextrin in terms of sweetness as its DE will be from 20 and upwards. Whereas the DE of Maltodextrin will range from app. 3 to 20.

Anyway, despite this crack in my reputation :wink: I still think its important to point out that anyone using Corn Syrop Solids should know the DE of the product they buy in order to determine how much can or should be added in comparison to dextrose. Especially as there can be a 2,4 x span in the DE range for Corn Syrop Solids wich you mention. That can make a lot of difference in terms of tanginess!
Wishing you a Good Day!
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