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No name kiełbasa

Posted: Sun May 07, 2017 18:14
by redzed

When you have to make a sausage with meat that you already have, it is usually difficult to make a specific type of Polish sausage because of the cuts and proportions stipulated. So I made my own withot pretending it is something that it isn't. In recent months I have been too busy with other problems to spend any time on my favourite hobby and have not made a smoked sausage for a while. Yesterday I crafted a simple, mild flavored kielbasa using some meat I had in the freezer and the No 2 and No. 3 trimmings I ended up with from preparing meat for salami for which I use only No. 1.

I utilized 7.5kg of meat of which approximately was 1.5 kg No. 1 from pork loin, 4kg. No. 2 from ham and picnic, and 2kg No. 3 from loin and picnic. The three classes were kept separate and salted (1.8%) and cured (.2% Cure #1) for two days. No. 1 was ground using 10mm plate, No. 2 with a 7mm, and #3 with a 4.5mm. Spices added per kg: BP, 2g; sweet Magyar paprika, 3g; granulated garlic, 2g; and ground caraway, 1.5g. Smoked with apple pellets at 60° for 2 hours, 68° for 1 hour and then cranked it up to 80° for about 35 minutes until IT hit 68°. All in all a smoky, pleasant and tasty sausage. The casing is a bit tough because of the dry heat in my electric smoker, should have used a pan of water or finished by poaching. But the casing should soften a bit after a couple of days in the fridge.


Posted: Sun May 07, 2017 21:49
by Sleebus
Mmmm! That looks delicious. I've yet to do a pre-cured, multi-grade, multi-grind sausage, but I can see how it would be great. I've been doing more whole muscle hams lately, no sausage, but we're going to need to restock the breakfast sausage supply soon.

Posted: Sun May 07, 2017 21:56
by StefanS
Looks like a perfectly crafted Polish style kielbasa. My mouth is watering.

Posted: Sun May 07, 2017 22:11
by Butterbean
That looks wonderful.

Speaking of tough casings on smoked sausages, what are some things you can do to prevent this?

I don't think my smoked sausages have tough skins - in my opinion - but I have a lady who loves my smoked sausages but complains about the tough casings. I'd like to satisfy her in this area but I don't know if its just her subjectivity or what because I can't see where mine are any "tougher" than store bought smoked sausages.