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[SCOT] Lorne Sausage

Posted: Sun May 01, 2011 20:47
by steelchef
SikaStag has asked me to post these pictures of his Venison Lorne Sausage and pork links. It all looks awesome! He wants to let us all know that he has been very busy with lambing which explains why he hasn't been active on the forum lately. He'll catch up when things slow down a bit.
Great job Ian!


Posted: Sun May 01, 2011 21:29
by Chuckwagon
Wow, thanks for posting steelman of the north! Our ol' buddy surely does a heck of a great job. Those links are as professional as I've ever seen. And the loaves look "good enough to eat"! :wink:
Yikes, me thinks our SitkaStag is a ringer. He's been making sausages for 50 years!
Good work guys!

Best Wishes,

Posted: Thu May 05, 2011 06:30
by jbk101
Wow :wink: They both look so Good! Any chance that the recipe can be posted?
Great Work

Posted: Thu May 05, 2011 07:08
by steelchef
Hey jbk101,

I'm sure we all agree on how great Sika's preparations look.
As stated, he is currently very busy with spring farm duties.
I'm sure that he will share his recipes when time allows.
If he doesn't I'll just have to pay a visit to the homeland and beg for them. :grin:

Posted: Thu May 05, 2011 17:09
by jbk101
Hello Steechef,
How are you? Great I hope :smile: I can wait :neutral:
I understand about those spring farm duties :mrgreen:
Most around here are building "Arks" from all the rain. :wink:
But don't forget to beg though :mrgreen:

Posted: Thu May 05, 2011 19:34
by steelchef
I've sent the Stagman a PM, requesting that he take a moment and help us out. After his reply, I'll offer some comments from the cheap seats.
You folks have had an unbelievable winter & spring, all over the eastern and central areas. Blizzards, flooding, tornadoes, holy crap. Let's hope you get a break real soon.

Posted: Sat Jun 11, 2011 08:46
by SikaStag
Hi Guys
My apologies for the delay in posting.

Since the farm was sold last November, The new owner is not giving me the same amount of work as I was getting from the previous owner.

I am having to find a way to generate extra income. Having caught Moles on the farm with great success, I decided to buy in more traps and offer my services to anyone that needs Moles removed. I use the traditional method of trapping, no poisons used at all.

I have been busy doing the accreditation scheme with the Guild of British Mole Catchers which goes from Level 1 , level 2 and Level 3. For those wishing to go that extra step, there is also the title of Master Molecatcher which requires the Mole Catcher to catch 50 Moles in one 24 Hour period. Sorry for all the Mole info on a Sausage making Forum.

Now for the Sausages.
The Link Sausage recipe is one that have used from a web site. I love these Sausages, These meet my taste perfectly. Everyone that tries them loves them. I like the peppery after burn which leaves you with a nice not too hot peppery taste.
The site has a Recipe calculator. Enter the weight of your meat and everything else is calculated to match that weight. Idiot proof, It must be as I can do it. ... php?id=133

For The Lorne Sausage I first purchased two bags of premix seasoning and rusks combined.
They were good but I did not like the colouring additive that made them so pink, I suspected a lot of E's and other chemical additives.

So My very first venture making sausages was not a good one, I bought some stainless stuffer tubes for my mincer grinder, The second pass through the grinder and into the casings was a disaster, as I was using 18mm casings on a 1/2" stuffer tube, The grinder could not push the meat through the tube so the meat was backing up then pushed forward then back again ( inside the grinder Barrel) It was emulsifying the meat and was heating it up. I had to give up.
I had 16lbs of sausage meat all prepared with the seasoning and rusks added, What was I going to do with it. I had no choice but to make it into Lorne sausage. I have to say that it could it have had more rusks added to be made into Lorne Sausage, It was a long day and I decided to go ahead with it how it was. The outcome was a success, taste wise it was great as Lorne sausage.
Once sliced the sausages were packed and frozen, on defrosting the sausages to use, they were harder to separate and were a bit floppy due the lack of more Rusks. I got it down to knack of separating them with a butter knife. They fried up like a Lorne Sausage should and looked the part, Taste was perfect for me and all that have tried them.
My next batch will have a little more Rusks added with as little water added to keep the mix stiff.

For those out there that would like to try the original recipe for the Lorne Sausage that I was going to use. Here it is.

20lb Lean Beef
5lb Beef or Pork fat
3lb Medium grade Rusks
4lb Water

2lb of fine grade Salt ( recommend Rock salt or Bay salt finely ground)
6oz White Pepper
2oz Nut Meg
1oz Ginger
i/2oz Mace
1/2oz ground Cloves
1/2oz cayenne Pepper
Use 1/2oz of seasoning to 1lb of the above Sausage meat mix.

I would also like to add that the link Sausages that I made had no Mace added as I had none. I used Natural sheep casings.

These having been my first venture into making Sausages have turned out very pleasing. Having not tried any other home made Sausages there will probably be much better ones out there that i have yet to experience. I would appreciate any feed back on these recipes if any one decides to give them a try. A comparison to other well like recipes would be good.
Baring in mind I like a peppery sausage that leaves that nice warm feeling in your mouth after eating them.

Good Luck If you decide to try them out. Please check out the guys web site, that I got the recipe from, He has a less peppery version of the same sausage recipe and a few more Sausage recipes as well.

Again I apologies for the delay in sending this reply.
And a big thanks to Steelchef for keeping you informed of my Sausage making activities.


Posted: Sat Jun 11, 2011 09:58
by Chuckwagon
It's good to hear from you SikaStag! We were just about to send out a search party. :shock:
I've got another idea. I'm going to make some potent garlic sausage and come over there and belch all over your new landlord. What a bummer.
Ian, we're mighty glad to see you join the "Project-A" salami-makin' gang. We'll have some fun and make some great sausage too. Perhaps you could persuade Steelchef to join us.

Best Wishes,