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Arby's Style Roast Beef/Venison

Posted: Sun Dec 03, 2017 23:14
by Butterbean
With the children gone and my wife and I still working we are cooking less and going for more convenient meals. Recently we were on a trip and stopped by Arby's for lunch and I think they make a pretty good sandwich for a fast food chain. Anyhow, I got to wondering if I couldn't make sandwich meat similar to what they make.

In the end it turned out pretty good and thought I'd share the recipe in case someone wants to try it. While everyone whose tasted it likes it a lot and no one has offered any constructive criticism I believe it would be better if the salt content was reduced by a quarter or a half percent.
The reason say this is I prefer to warm the thinly sliced meat in beef boullion broth which has a good amount of salt in it. Also, if you gob a lot of cheese on it like I like to this can also add salt. Not that its overly salty but I do think its pushing things so I'd suggest reducing the salt a little.


Beef Sirloin or venison 800 g
Beef Fat Trimmings 200 g
Cure 1 0.25%
Salt 2.5%
Black Pepper 0.275%
Cayenne Pepper 0.05%
Colman`s Mustard Powder 0.2%
Garlic Powder 0.1%
Onion Powder 0.4%
Horseradish Powder 0.05%
Hunter Special Binder 0.5%
Sodium Erythorbate 0.06%
Venison Broth 10% (This is a homemade broth with a rosemary background) You could substitute a good broth for this but watch the salt because some use a lot.
1 TBS of Beef Base (Insurance to be sure I bring out the beef flavor)


Grind beef fat and add to meat and mix.
Grind all in medium plate then mix spices and broth to this and mix well.
Grind two more times using fine plate.
Stuff in casing and smoke till internal temp is 153F.
Let cool and refrigerate overnight then slice as thin as possible for Arby's style meat or thicker for sandwich style meat.


Posted: Mon Dec 04, 2017 14:19
by Bob K
That looks interesting. Is Arbys roast beef a minced product?

Posted: Mon Dec 04, 2017 18:43
by Butterbean
Bob K wrote:That looks interesting. Is Arbys roast beef a minced product?
I'm not sure. IMO, it looks to be a minced product but I guess it could take on this appearance from vacuum tumbling but I'm not sure. I've never seen any grain to it. I've tried whole muscle cloning make this but haven't been very successful.

Had some guests over last night and they all agreed this tastes much like Arby's only better. That made me feel good and no one said anything about it being to salty but I think I still need to back the salt back a little.

While searching for clones or recipes for this I found a video on Youtube of prankster filming behind the scenes at Arby's. In the video he makes mention of the mystery of how a spongy mass in a bag can be cooked and miraculously be turned into a firm piece of meat. The bag looked like it contained a chub of meat floating in a dark brown marinade. Don't know if its cooked in the bag or what.