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Kiełbasa Czosnkowa (Garlic Sausage)

Posted: Thu Nov 28, 2019 13:07
by Rick
I'm looking for a complete detailed recipe for this sausage. I've been to the Member's Recipe Index, and it was there, but it directed me to a post by Red a number of years ago. It didn't list spice weights, grind info, finishing info (smoker), etc.
I thought it would be nice to give this sausage a go, after all you can't really over garlic anything can you?
Thanks for the recipe help.

Re:Kiełbasa Czosnkowa (garlic sausage)

Posted: Thu Nov 28, 2019 23:05
by redzed
Take a look at the recipe here: ... ked-garlic

The amount of garlic is a bit low there, so I would start at 5g/kg. But garlic is a matter of taste and it also depends on the variety you use. Some recipes call for as much as 10g/kg. If you do go for a higher amount I hope I would not end up sitting next to you next time I'm on a plane. :D

Polish garlic sausage is often dried after smoking. You can hang it for 3 days in a cool room after smoking, or smoke it again the next day with warm smoke (35-40C) for several hours, then hang for a day or so.

Re: Kiełbasa Czosnkowa (garlic sausage)

Posted: Fri Nov 29, 2019 02:02
by Rick
Oh yes garlic, the wife and I would order out a pizza and take along 6-8 cloves diced up for the pizza man to spread on our pizza. The next day my ride share person would get in the truck and announce, you had pizza with garlic last night didn't you? How can you tell I'd ask.... he replied, because your leaking!

Re: Kiełbasa Czosnkowa (garlic sausage)

Posted: Fri Nov 29, 2019 05:50
by redzed
And you kept everyone safe from vampires! Actually attitudes have changed about garlic. When I was growing up people who ate garlic flavoured foods were the subject of derision and made fun of. Now garlic is used widely in a variety of dishes, considered as a health food and good quality garlic is difficult to buy and expensive. And it sure rounds out and gives character to kielbasa!

Re: Kiełbasa Czosnkowa (garlic sausage)

Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2019 17:13
by fatboyz
Being a Ukrainian, and being in the heart of the Ukrainian part of Central Albert I know a good garlic sausage when I see it. This is the recipe we use. I got it from a friend who ran shop here for a long time until it burned down. He would make about 40,000 pounds of garlic rings from wild game for hunters every year.

We use 75% lean wild game or beef, and 25% fatty pork belly trim. The wild meat is ground twice through a 1/8" plate and the pork once through a 3/16" (5mm?) plate.

grams spice per kg. meat
15 g salt
2.5 g cure #1
2 g Black pepper
4 g white pepper
.5 g mace
1 g nutmeg
9 g garlic (I use between 8 and 10 g/kg)

I also add 1-1.5 liters of ice cold water for a 10 kg or 20 pound batch.

I smoke and finish mine in my smoker right to the 156F internal temp.

Re: Kiełbasa Czosnkowa (garlic sausage)

Posted: Thu Dec 05, 2019 20:59
by redzed
Thanks for posting the recipe. Looks like a good one! And with that amount of garlic it will definitely keep Dracula at bay! The one thing that I would do a bit different here is to classify the meats and grind a portion of it with a coarser plate. The reason that your friend ground the venison so finely (1/8" or 3mm) because the meat he got from the hunters was not trimmed at all from connective tissue. Doing that is time consuming, but if you can separate a portion of it, ideally 50% with no connective tissue, grind it with a 12mm plate, and the fat with a 6mm or 7mm plate. You will have better texture rather than something resembling an emulsified product. The portion with the tendons and silverskin of course should be processed through the 3mm plate.

Re: Kiełbasa Czosnkowa (Garlic Sausage)

Posted: Sun Aug 16, 2020 07:05
by redzed
When you have an excellent harvest of beautiful garlic you gotta make garlic sausage! This weekend I cranked out 8 kilos of aromatic heaven: Kiebasa Czosnkowa. There were a few deviations in the ingredient amounts and process, but I based my recipe for this sausage on the 1959 recipe compendium prepared for Polish sausage plants by the government. Today, this particular publication is considered by many kielbasa aficionados as the Polish sausage making bible. The biggest change that I made was to use 12g/kg of fresh garlic. I thought, if this is called a Garlic Sausage, it should not be mistaken for anything else. It turned out great. The garlic immediately comes to the forefront in the smell and taste, but it does not dominate. The new garlic is mellow and almost sweet after being cooked in the sausage. The pork belly makes the sausage soft and smooth on the palate. Once you sample a piece, it's hard to stop yourself from having more. It also makes a great sandwich, especially with a homegrown tomato.


Kiełbasa Czosnkowa (Garlic Sausage)

Pork, Class I, no connective tissue, no fat, 3kg
Pork, Class II, approx. 20% fat, 3.2kg
Side pork (pork belly) 1kg
Beef, very lean, unclassified, 1kg

Ingredients for 1kg
Salt, 17g
Cure #1, 2g
Black pepper, medium grind, 3g
Coriander, 1g
Sweet Hungarian paprika, 1g
Fresh garlic, 12g
Marjoram, 1.5g
Water, ice cold, 100ml

1. Cube all the meats. The Class II pork and side pork can be combined, but keep the rest separate.
2. Add the salt and #1 Cure to the cubed meat, mix well, pack into a container, cover, and refrigerate for 48 hours.
3. Grind Class I pork through the 20mm plate and the Class II with the 7mm plate. Grind the beef twice with the 3mm plate.
4. Thoroughly mix the beef adding as much ice cold water as it will hold. I do this by hand. This will be the glue that binds everything together.
5. Combine the meats and mix well, adding the rest of the water. I mixed the sausage for about 10 minutes in the electric mixer.
6. Stuff into 40+ hog casings and tie into 50-70cm rings. For half the sausage I used 40mm 18 inch collagen rounds from the Sausagemaker.
7. Hang for 12 hours at 2-8°C (35-46°F) or for 2-3 hours at room temperature.
8. Smoke for about 2.5 hours at 57-60C (135-145F), or until the sausage takes on good colour
9. Poach sausages in 75C (168F) water until IT of 68C (155F)
10. Cool sausages with water, hang in room temp for a couple of hours to dry and bloom and refrigerate. Sausage will taste best after two days.