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Posted: Sun Oct 09, 2011 09:06
by Chuckwagon
I've been talking with Snagman via email. He has a lot of confidence in his Hungarian Csabaii and would like to re-enter it in the contest for October. Good move Snagman... consider it re-entered. I believe you've got a pretty good recipe here. I think the recipe is quite unique and "clean" (without too many "perfumes"). To view the photos that Snagman included, click on this link:

Hungarian Csabaii From: Snagman in Sydney, Australia
This sausage takes its name from the village which many years ago made it famous. There is, in October each year a festival, celebrating its uniqueness, culminating in the crowning of the "Csabai King", who is the winner of the best sausage made in a space of two hours, with meat supplied by the organisers. It is a great tasting sausage, both grilled as fresh, or smoked and used in sandwiches or as an ingredient in dishes. (Recipe is above).

Posted: Tue Oct 18, 2011 01:26
by ssorllih
Hey Bubba, Congratulations on your well deserved win.
I have been experimenting with making sausages uncased, baking them until firm, and wrapping them in thin bread dough and baking the bread. Generally called pigs-in-blankets. Usually done with breakfast sausage but with your blessings I will try this mix inside some whole wheat/rye bread and see if we like the combination.

Posted: Wed Oct 19, 2011 03:29
by Chuckwagon
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Posted: Sat Oct 29, 2011 18:45
by Bubba
Hi Chuckwagon,

The friendly Postlady delivered my book today "Home Production of Quality Meats and Sausages" by Stanley and Adam Marianski.
Thank you very much, please also thank everyone behind this sponsorship. I appreciate it very much.

:lol: Going to read now, and if I get too quiet on here send me a text message to the book to remind abbuB to read the forum in between of making better sausage. :lol:

....and I promise not to read the book backwards :shock:

Posted: Thu Nov 03, 2011 04:53
by Chuckwagon
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Posted: Tue Nov 15, 2011 05:26
by Chuckwagon
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Posted: Tue Nov 15, 2011 06:03
by Chuckwagon
Hi sausage makers. I just got word from Poland. Yup, about the contest! And the winner for October is...... "Hungarian Csabaii" by Snagman in Australia - submitted 10/09/11.
To view the photos that Snagman included, click on this link:
Congratulations Snagman! :mrgreen: You've won an autographed copy of one of Stan Marianski's books.
(Snagman, please send me your full name and address by email or PM.)

Best Wishes,

Posted: Tue Nov 15, 2011 08:49
by Chuckwagon

Posted: Wed Nov 16, 2011 00:20
by crustyo44
Hi Gus,
Congratulations Mate. A well deserved win. I will be stuffing casings this avo with 7.2 kg of your winning recipe.

Posted: Wed Nov 16, 2011 06:34
by snagman
Thank you very much, Chuckwagon, Jan, and Bubba ! Like any cook, I am very happy that others have tried and enjoyed something I had introduced them to.
Regards, Gus

Posted: Mon Dec 19, 2011 11:17
by Chuckwagon
Hi Folks.
The "Recipe Contest Of The Month" is being suspended as of today. There have been a few months when no one has even entered. The folks in Poland tell me that it may be resumed at some point in the future. I'd like to thank "Maxell" Mirek (Miroslaw) Gebarowski and "Seminole" Stan and Adam Marianski for their generous contributions in offering their books as prizes. Much appreciated gentlemen!

Best Wishes,

Posted: Mon Dec 19, 2011 17:35
by ssorllih
While such contests encourage creativity I am inclined to believe that creative uses for existing sausage recipes could be a good idea. , there are at least 150 recipes just here and the The sausagemakers site also has a list ; ,. My belief is the meat is only a part of the meal, often the central part but still just a part. We have gotten some very fine recipes for making main dish meals using sausage for example Cajun cooking uses sausage in the many pot meals that make the backbone of Cajun style cooking.
My dad used to buy what we knew as kielbasa for the meat in a pot of steamed cabbage with boiled potatoes.