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Posted: Fri Apr 06, 2018 20:12
by Kijek
Stefan your a master, wow what great looking product.

You talked about the sugna (lard + rice/wheat flour + white pepper)

Sounds interesting, why do you use that?

Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2018 23:32
by StefanS
It is time to tell that i'm doing some staff occasionally. Actually I have made a few thing in field of subject on that topic. There are two salamis. One I called - Salami Ligawa. Our friend Ligawa sent photocopy of one page from old book - "Die Rohwurst" Ludwig Scheid with old "high end" recipe for salami. Scan with polish translation can be viewed here - ... ntry601675
Because it is old I made some changes to recipe -
beef - (chuck tender 99%lean) - 3.0 kg
pork -( trim of ham, loin, butt - 85/15) - 1.25 kg
pork belly (skinless ) - 1.5 kg
jowls - skinless, glands less - 1.25 kg
back fat - 0.5 kg.
ingredients and spices on 1 kg meat:
salt/cure #2 - 22.5/2.5 g
white pepper - 2.5 g
black pepper (coarse) - 1.5 g
cardamon - 0.125 g
ground ginger - 0.25 g
dextrose - 2 g
sugar - 2 g
Bactoferm SafePro F-LC - 0.6 g
30 ml. of rum for whole mince.

Preparing and process:
Meats chopped in size of egg, (jowls and fat in cubes 2x2 cm),cured separably in fridge 24 hours. Beef minced thru plate 3 mm.Then mixed with pork, and pork belly. Again cured for 24 hours. Jowls and fat in solid frozen state. Meat in semi frozen state (around two hours in freezer before grinding. Before grinding all meats fat spices and starter mixed. Grinding by 6 mm plate. Sprinkled with rum and mixed for good distribution of ingredients (not much mixing for avoiding fat smearing).
Mince staffed in - ... -after-end , also 2 flat collagen casing 68 mm.
Fermented - 0-24 h - temp. 68F, 85 % RH, 24-48 h - 71F, 85 % RH, 48-64 h - 75-76F, 85 % RH.
pH results - 24 h - 5.6; 48 h - 5.20-5.25; 64 h - 4.98-5.01
After 64 hours of fermentation - - 4 hours at garage 50F, then sprinkled with Mold 600 solution and moved to chamber - 55 F, 78-82 % RH.
As today - already covered with mold.


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Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2018 23:50
by Bob K
Sounds interesting Stefan, German taste profile without the smoke.
I like FL-C culture for its versatility...and price :mrgreen:

Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2018 05:03
by Kijek
I have to apologize to ALL my friends in this forum, yes, I am still here, with you all and watching everything, thank you I love it all.
I'm only 58 years old, but have a lot heart problems, which keeps me from doing my sausage making on a regular schedule, but I try and do well.
This forum keeps me in touch with good friends like you all and keeps me going.
Stefan, thanks for your input, your all the best, and at the moment, starting about 15 lbs of cappacole.

Stefan, your recipe sounds like a recipe to try and must do, trying new stuff is so exciting.

Posted: Wed Dec 05, 2018 15:18
by StefanS
quote="StefanS"]So after 5 months of ripening decided to cover my 2 Culatellos with sugna (lard + rice/wheat flour + white pepper)
before cleaning and covering (third one is smoked and only 2.5 months old)
[url= ... gqx5mi.jpg]Image[/URL]
mold removed from lean meat side
[url= ... bgqa45.jpg]Image[/URL]
covered in sugna
[url= ... 119jj9.jpg]Image[/URL]
So in middle of August i have opened my 3 Culatellos ( references above). Before my Culatellos got some unexpected cover in different mold. Image. Generally first ham covered in grey-blue mold was smoked ham. Then mold spread on other hams. But it not spread was discovered on other products in chamber. So I let hams to mature in that mix of molds.
In August I have decided that is time. Image
First one - smoked Culatello - only 9 months of maturing - 41.2 % of weight loss.(not covered in sugna).
Without bung -
cross cut - Image
Visible dry ring on lean surface - most likely developed during smoking (a lot of cold smoking in first stage). But - that Culetello got the highest notes during evaluation by my friends.
Culatello # 20 - sea salt, KNO3, Texel DCM1 (maturing culture) - weight loss - 35.01%
Culatello #21 - sea salt, cure #2, sodium erythrobate, - weight loss - 36.7%-
Hams were vac-packed for 2.5 months. then tested - highest notes - smoked Culatello, two others - practically not much differences but good ones.

Posted: Wed Dec 05, 2018 15:27
by Kijek
Nice job, I think it looks great.

WISH I could be in here more everyone, having a very good year deer hunting, so the butchering and making stuff with the meat, has me very busy and hunting season is not over to end of February.

Again I love those pics

Posted: Wed Dec 05, 2018 17:10
by Bob K
Those look Delicious Stefan! So the total time before sampling was 11.5 Months? (9 months in chamber and 2.5 months vac sealed and refrigerated.)

Posted: Wed Dec 05, 2018 18:06
by StefanS
Bob K wrote:So the total time before sampling was 11.5 Months? (9 months in chamber and 2.5 months vac sealed and refrigerated.)
#20 and #21 - started on September 12, 2017
#38 (smoked ) started on December 10, 2017
(first day of curing)

Posted: Fri Dec 07, 2018 21:57
by SMR
Nice Job! Those look very impressive.

Posted: Sat Dec 08, 2018 08:20
by redzed
Very nice Stefan. I am envious as to how evenly your culatelli dried. I have been having problems with mine for the past year. Just about everything has had more case hardening than what I had in my old and rusty chamber. But my newer one died and I now have two whole legs, two culatelli and a Jesus de Lyon hanging in a box under my deck. They have been there for six weeks now. Will be cutting into them soon.

Posted: Tue Jan 22, 2019 01:05
by StefanS
Another experiment on horizon. Whole ham - skin on. boneless. Bone removed "gently" so there are not cuts thru muscles or skin.
Then got idea about filling up gap with piece of pork loin.
EQ cured from Dec. 12th. to Jen. 7th. 2019
Sea salt - 28 g/kg
Cure #2 - 4 g/kg
Sodium erythrobate - 0.5 g/kg
BP coarse - 2.5 g/kg
Juniper berries (crashed) - 2.5 g/kg
Thyme - 1g/kg
Cardamon - 0.5 g/kg
Campari - 12 ml/kg
Savory crushed - 0.5 g/kg
During curing - pressed down with 25 Lb weight.
On Jan. 7 th. formed, tied.
then packed in double/two hog bladders. It is nice to have decent size for job..

finally - nice knot -
Monster is ready - 10.280 kg -

Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2019 02:42
by redzed
Interesting project Stefan. I am very curious in seeing the final result. I trust it will cure for about a year?

Re: Cured, dried and fermented by StefanS

Posted: Tue Feb 19, 2019 21:16
by StefanS
Finally my last salamis are done. - posting.php?mode=reply&f=5&t=8205#postingbox
Salami Ligawa's - weight loss - 35.12%, pH 5.74. Very good structure, slicebility, elasticity, taste very good.
One thing visible - little different outside color - red/pink - natural, sewed double wall hog casing, brownish - collagen flat casing
Very good recipe - IMHO -high end salami
Salami Wojtka - weight loss - 38.8%, pH 5.51, less than good structure, slicibility cohesiveness. Taste (middle level of hot) aromatic with nice hint of anise.

Re: Cured, dried and fermented by StefanS

Posted: Tue Feb 19, 2019 23:47
by Butterbean
Beautiful job StefanS! I love to see your creativeness.

Re: Cured, dried and fermented by StefanS

Posted: Wed Feb 20, 2019 16:20
by Bob K
Hats off to you on that one (Salami Ligawa's) Stephan! Soft fat with great definition, graduated fermentation temp which I also find works well with F-LC. Interesting how the Ph increased by .75