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by Kaiser Soze
Sat Nov 05, 2016 15:38
Forum: Smoked pork products
Topic: Schinkenspeck
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Wow!!!!! That looks just like the Schinken I miss from Friedrichshafen. My Tante Resi knew a farmer who made the best Birnen Schnaps and Schinken and I lived on it every time I visited her. I was always amazed it was not more readily available here though. Now I'm going to make my own and all I will...
by Kaiser Soze
Tue Dec 24, 2013 00:18
Forum: Dry Cured Meats and Sausages
Topic: Dry-curing & Fermentation
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CW. Does that mean that using salts from say Germany, we would have to use 10.5 times as much? Or, if a recipe became available from Germany, would we have to convert it to use our salt (cure) at a 10.5 times lower rate? I'm gettin stuck here on th, th, th, this. :-) I'm looking to make Landjäger an...
by Kaiser Soze
Mon Dec 23, 2013 21:25
Forum: Dry Cured Meats and Sausages
Topic: [CAN] Dry cure Landjager
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Those are just perfect looking to me too!! If you would, most of the recipies I see call for a 30 day wait and "certified " pork to make this one. Is that what you used? or does the amount of salts overcome the limit for these. I am planning a Landjäger make as soon as I get my cabinet in order, I g...
by Kaiser Soze
Mon Dec 23, 2013 21:09
Forum: Dry Cured Meats and Sausages
Topic: Len Poli Recipe Salami Sticks
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Speaking of which !

I personally have been quite inspired by Mr.Devo. His pictoral Landjäger post has been a driving force for me to make a smokehouse, build a grinder from spare parts and dream of someday having some of my own to munch on. I would use the last full picture from that post ( Landjäger stacked on a plate...