Need sausage help

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Post by atcNick » Tue Jan 19, 2010 16:56

Siara, Thanks for the response.

The sausage was definetly dry. I stuffed it on Sunday and was planning to smoke it that day but I had a problem with the smoker so I smoked it on Monday. The sausage was in the refrigerator overnight and right before I smoked it I put it back on the smoke sticks for 30 minutes. There was no visible moisture on the surface.

About the smoker issues, I think I will built one or buy a smoker before I try to smoke sausage again. I have a few ideas in mind.

I dont use the WSM because I think it's a little too small for sausage since I wanted to hang the sausage to smoke. I didnt want to have grill mark indentions on the sausage. Its difficult to keep low temps in the WSM as well.

I think you're right about the circulation of smoke issue. The lower hanging part of the sausage had less color change than near the top of the smoker.

I have Polish Sausage recipe book by Stanley Marianski and I believe the farmer's sausage recipe is in there, I will have to double check. Thank you for the offer though. Can you tell me what sausages would be good for a beginner to make? Thank you very much for your help.
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Post by Siara » Tue Jan 19, 2010 17:21

Was the sausage hot after smoking?

atcNick wrote:Can you tell me what sausages would be good for a beginner to make?
I recommend farmers sausage for the beginner. The less possible steps to follow, and pay attention on each step.

One more tip, before you will mix different type of wood, try each one separate.
Some can give flavors which you may dislike.
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Post by Baconologist » Tue Sep 18, 2012 23:50

vtec wrote:
atcNick wrote:When garlic is mentioned in the recipes, does this mean fresh garlic or garlic powder? If fresh, do you mince it or use a garlic press?
Usually, we prefer fresh garlic and yes, we use a garlic press.
atcNick wrote:My question is, how long do you hold it like that?
As long as yield is 87% in relation to the original (after smoking) weight of the meat.
atcNick wrote:And where do you store sausage at 55?
Well, you can use a ground cellar or you can adapt refrigerator that maintain a required temperature.

Here are some photos of this sausage made by Papla:
Image Image Image Image
Enjoy your meal! :)
Beautiful kielbasa!!!!
Just as we make ours.


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