[Spices] Herbal pepper

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[Spices] Herbal pepper

Post by Siara » Sun Jan 31, 2010 12:57

Spices substitute were produced in order to replace more expensive and hardly available natural spices. Unfortunately quality and properties of substitutes, are not sufficiently similar to natural spices. Because of costs and availability, using spice substitutes was sometimes a must.
Comment. We speak here about 50's - to 80's.

Herbal pepper:

Natural pepper is commonly used for almost all meat products. The producers of pepper substitute were unsuccessfully trying to match the great taste of natural pepper, this was not possible even with most complex mixes. From many submissions, Central Board of Meat Industry, selected following spices mix as pepper substitute.

Coriander 26.6%
Carum 8.8 %
White mustard 17.6 %
Black mustard ( Brassica nigra ) 17.6 %
Black Onion Seeds 6.6 %
Horseradish ( dried ) 17.6%
Cayenne pepper 4.3%
Marjoram 0.9%

All ingredients are grind to obtain fine powder. The characteristic of the spice mix is quite strong taste and moderate smell. The attribute of this mix is, that when moisten does not form flock , and therefore is not visible in a final product. You should use herbal pepper to popular meat products.
Use it instead of natural pepper and always double the quantity.
Full flavor is fully perceptible after 48 hours. Once prepared, please keep in in well sealed container to keep all the aromas.
"W życiu piękne są tylko chwile"
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