[USA] Cactus Jack's Vienna Sausage

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[USA] Cactus Jack's Vienna Sausage

Post by Chuckwagon » Fri Apr 08, 2011 10:43

Here`s a different type of sausage than most folks are used to. It`s a Vienna Sausage but it`s not quite the stuff you`ll find in those short cans with the pop-tops on your grocer`s shelf. By the way, have you noticed the canned stuff is no longer packed in gelatin? Kids were whining about the gelatin so one of the major meat producers tried using potato starch. Viola! However, if you make your own, you just may choose to stick with it. But before you make ten pounds of the sausage, make sure you like the recipe. Make just a pound or two of it, taste it, then "tweak" it to your liking. Sheep casings are more tender than hog casing.

Cactus Jack`s Vienna Sausage

6 lbs ground pork
4 lbs ground beef
3-1/2 tblspn. salt
2 tspns. Cure #1
½ cup water
1 cup cold milk
1 cup flour
½ cup grated onion
1 tblspn. ground coriander
3 tblspns. powdered dextrose
1 tblspn. mace
1 tblspn. paprika
½ tblspn. cayenne
½ tspn. cardamom
½ tspn. ground cloves

Grind the meat through a 3/16" plate. Mix the remaining ingredients with the water then pour it over the meat. Mix everything well then place the mixture into a food processor to emulsify it. Add more water if necessary to correct the texture. Stuff the mixture into 24-26 m.m. sheep casings and hang them at room temperature half an hour. Place the sausage links into a preheated smokehouse at 150°; F. (66°; C.) for one hour. Raise the temperature to 165°; F. (74°; C.) and maintain that smokehouse temperature until the internal meat temperature reaches 152°; F. (67°; C.). Vienna sausage is not smoked.

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