Using cheese cultures as in fermented sausages.

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Using cheese cultures as in fermented sausages.

Post by billy218 » Tue Apr 21, 2015 20:32

Hi all,
long time reader, first post here.
I've been making my own cheese for a while now and I am moving into fermented sausages and meats. I have been reading like a madman and seem to know most of the basics. I have created a fermentation chamber with controlled humidity and temperature and my first pancetta is hanging in there as well. A couple of questions on the differences between cheese and meat fermentation.

- I have about 20 cheese cultures which seem to have some similar lactic acid producing bacteria. I was wondering if anybody has any experience using cheese cultures in fermented meats?

- Also, do you see any harm in aging / fermenting cheese and meat in the same fridge/ chamber? I could see some cross contamination but perhaps that is a good thing, as they both like some penicillum candidum.

I haven't been able to find any literature on this subject so if anybody has found a source I would love to see it, or if you have any experience?

Thanks, and sauage on!
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Bob K
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Post by Bob K » Tue Apr 21, 2015 22:17

Your cheese cave will work fine as both a cheese cave and and a drying chamber as both are in the same range of humidity and temperature.

You will still need a separate area/chamber for the actual fermentation usually between 68 and 100f depending on the culture used and type of dry cured sausage.

I believe most of the cheese cultures work best with lactose as the sugar source while sausage cultures use glucose and sucrose.

Some folks have successfully used yogurt/ yogurt cultures to ferment meats but the consensus of opinion is to use meat cultures.
There is some info here ... rt&start=0

I dabble in cheesemaking and not had a problem using the same chamber.

Welcome to the forum!!

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