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What recipe are you using? The Marianski recipe is just the opposite 70% pork and 30% beef. pepperoni is traditionally a lean sausage, fat was not added. However we are used to it being a sausage with a higher fat content. I find it best use 60% pork, 25% beef, and 15% back fat, especially for pizza. Don't leave out the Anise!!!


Pork 60%
Beef 25%
Back fat 15%

Per 1000 gram (1 kilo)

Salt 25 grams
Cure #2 2.5 gr
Dextrose 4 gr
Sugar 3 gr
Black Pepper 3 gr
White Pepper 1 gr
Hungarian Paprika 8 gr
Fennel 3 gr
Anise 2 gr
55k Cayenne 2 gr

Tspx or Culture of choice
55-60mm Beef middles
Note: All spices are Ground

Use the directions on the Marianski site http://www.meatsandsausag...s/pepperoni-dry
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