Hey, Granddad..?? How hot was it, back in the summer of '12?

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Post by laripu » Wed Aug 01, 2012 02:26

It was so hot we all had to walk around nekkid, even your Grandma. Half the town still hasn't gotten over the horror. :shock:
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el Ducko
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Post by el Ducko » Thu Aug 02, 2012 02:02

...it was SO hot that the Olympic freestyle fresh sausage stuffing event had to be held in a refrigerated... Oh! Hello, Bubbie. What's that? Ya sez if ya hear another joke about it being so hot that cows are giving evaporated milk, you'll scream? ....what's that? ...powdered milk, too? And what about those guys over on that other thread, http://wedlinydomowe.pl/en/viewtopic.php?p=11156#11156 , arguing about non-pasteurized milk? In this hot weather, there's no such thing as non-pasteurized milk. ...moo-t point, you might say. :roll:

So stick around here and increase the quality of the hot weather jokes. (Obviously this is needed. We gots more of 'em than India has blackout victims without air conditioning.) The guys on that other thread are having such a heated discussion that it will soon boil the hell out of whatever water is present, leaving holy water. ...holier-than-thou water? :mrgreen:
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