References And Resources

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References And Resources

Post by Chuckwagon » Fri Dec 16, 2011 10:05

References And Resources

Acidity pH, Testing Using Litmus Paper -
Barbecue Workbook, Cranky Buzzard`s:
Beef, Cuts Of - by Chuckwagon -
Beef And Pork Basics:
Beef Rounds, (Casings) How To Measure - by Chuckwagon
Beer In Sausage (Type Of) -
Bookmagic (Stan & Adam Marianski - books about sausagmaking)
Brine, All About - by Stan Marianski - ... king-brine
Brine, How To Make ... king-brine
Brine, Maple - by Chuckwagon
Brine, Smoke n` Choke - by Chuckwagon -
Brine Curing - by Chuckwagon -
Brine Curing A Turkey - by Chuckwagon -
Brining Table by Siara http://www.wedlinydomowe....peklowania4.htm
Canned Meats (updated website)
Canned Meats (Basic Methods) :
Canning (Home) and Preservation Of Foods
Care To Share How You Got Your Handle?
Casings -
Casings, About - ... &start=225
Casings, How To Handle - ... 0c66a#8873
Chicken & Fowl, How To Butcher & Clean Your Own -
Chr. Hansen - (Bactoferm™)
Cold Smoking vs. Hot Smoking :
Contest Winners And Sponsored Recipes -
Cure Calculator by Stan Marianski http://www.wedlinydomowe....cure-calculator
Curing Chamber, How To Build A:
Fat Replacer: ... konjac+gum
Food Preservation, National Center For Home -
Food Preservation Methods (website) -
F.S.I.S. Handbook - ... 7620-3.pdf
Hams, Formed (Basic Rules) -
Handbook of Fermented Meat and Poultry ... nd_Poultry
Jerky, New FSIS cooking rules for making -
Lard And Pre-Mixed Oil Emulsion -
Listeria - ... dc01#21436
Marianski, Stanley & Adam (Author's Corner)
Member`s Recipe Index
National Center For Home Food Preservation -
Navigating Around WD`s Index Page:
New Member Information:
Nitrate-Nitrite (F.S.I.S. Handbook) ... 7620-3.pdf
Nitrate-Nitrite (Varies From Country To Country)
Phophates, Use of - See "Bad Bob`s Bologna" here:
Photos, Posting to a board (instructional video)
Photo, Post Your ~ Here - Let's Become Acquainted
Pork And Beef Basics:
Preserving Foods - (Stan's website update)
Preserving Foods - National Center For Home Food Preservation -
Project "A" - Dry Cured, Fermented, Salami -
Recipe Index, Members
Salt, How Measured In Brine:
Sausages, How To Make

Sausagemaking Supply Companies:
...Allied Kenco Sales -
...Ask The Meat Man -
...Butcher-Packer -
...Dupey Equipment Co. ... atalog.pdf
...Koch Equipment LLC
...LEM Products -
...Meat Processing Products -
...Midwestern Meat Research -
...Northern Tool & Equipment - Food Processing ... processing
...One Stop Jerky Shop -
...Stuffers Supply Company (Canada)
...The Home Processor -
...The Ingredient Store
...The Sausage Source -
...The Sausagemaker -

Sausagemania - (Recipes and Excel spreadsheet) -
Sausage Safety - Curing & Cooking:
Scales - American Weigh Scale -
Site Address: (Wedliny Domowe English-Speaking)
Site Address: (Wedliny Domowe Polish-Speaking)
Smokehouse Heating Systems And Burners:
Smoke Generators - Venturi Type:
Soy Protein vs Powdered Milk -
Spices -
Spores, Toxic (Discussion) -
Stan Marianski`s Index Page -
Stan`s Recipes Wedliny Domowe Index Page ("Stan`s Page")
Starter Cultures by Chr. Hansen -
Stawiany`s Meat Smokers:
Temperature, Safe Smoking/Cooking -
Thirty-Two Tips To Save You Grief:
Toxicity (Spores) -
Trichinae, Destroying (USDA Rules)
Troubleshooting Dry-Cured Fermented Sausage -
United Nations "Small Business Sausage Making" pages:
University Of Nebraska Porcine Myology site: ... rotation3d
User recommended Outlets for Sausage making Supplies
USDA-FSIS (Federal Gov. Food Inspection Service)
Vacuum Sealers -
Videos Of WD Summer Meetings In Poland
Woods Used In Smoking:
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Post by Bubba » Sat Dec 17, 2011 00:12

That is another example why this site is so phenomenal. The extensive information available is endless.
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Post by jbk101 » Sat Dec 17, 2011 11:52

I agree Outstanding :grin: Great Job Chuckwagon :wink:
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Great job from a great Guy :wink: This will be very handy. And thanks to all the members for their input as well.

Well done :grin:
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